The JP 10.4 is currently the most powerful 4 channel amplifier on the market as of 2022, going into the, as deemed by the legendary youtube “big d wiz” with Williston audio labs and his epic dyno videos that bring real meaning to the amplifier sector with his latest video on JP10.4 a mad scientist project headed by my company 12volt media international and Down4Sound.

The MOST POWERFUL Four Channel Car Audio Amplifier Currently Available?

Reading the comments across all social media outlets. I started to see a ton of bassheads replying with too much power, or what would you use that 4 channel amplifier for?

Well, here we go..

I reached out to old man Jenkins a master fabricator and car audio installer as well as brand owner, and asked him to write up a section for all you avid car audio multi-speakers per door fanatics.

Here is what old man Jenkins wrote back to me:

How to use the most powerful 4 channel amplifier in your car audio system setup by Old man Jenkins.

I often get asked what amplifier(s) I recommend to match up with the Rogue Car Audio speakers.

Since we have used many of the Down4Sound brand amplifiers in our builds, I decided to do a sample layout using the new high-power 4-channel offering. While there are many ways you could use this amplifier in a system, I will explore using this in a couple different scenarios.

First will be with multiple midrange speakers that could be spread out in different locations of the vehicle, and second, a midrange and midbass combination set up for something used in the Musical Wars arenas.

In our first example, let’s say we have an SUV or van to build off. We want to do 4 Rogue Car Audio RN8-8ohm midrange speakers in each of the 2 front doors. Then we will add 8 more of the same RN8-8ohm midrange speakers in the rear.

It can be in either the barn doors of the vehicle or a stuntwall-style enclosure in the rear cargo.

To fill out the sound, we would use either the RF1.5 horn or the Rogue Audio RN1 horn in conjunction with some RST tweeters in each door.

For the rear, since we usually have more room in that area, we would add the RF2 into the mix in place of the Rogue RN1 and then some of the RST tweeters. We will touch on the horns and tweeters separately at a later date. From your source unit, we would send the sub-signal directly to the bass amplifiers and a full range signal into a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) for the mids and highs.

I prefer to use ch 1&2 for tweeters, ch 3&4 for horns, ch 5&6 for midrange, and ch 7&8 for midbass. This makes it easier for me to troubleshoot and make adjustments in tuning if I know right where to go. There are many options for a DSP, whether it has 4ch, 6ch, 8ch or more outputs. There are times we will use multiple processors in a system. Usually, 1 for the front and 1 for the rear. We also have vehicles that have as many as 6 separate DSP units. So many options.

We can expand on that at a later date.

We are focusing on multiple mids on a JP10-4. From the DSP ch 5&6, bring the signal into the JP10-4 amplifier and have the amplifiers MODE dip switch set to 2ch mode. This will feed all output channels of the amplifier from just the 1&2 input channel signal. Since we are using a DSP to set our frequency crossover points, set the amplifiers crossover selector dip switches to OFF.

Each channel will have 4 Rogue Car Audio RN8-8 mids wired in parallel thus making the channel see a 2ohm load. Respectively, ch 1 would be driver’s front door, ch2 would be the passenger’s front door, ch3 would be driver’s rear, or left half, and ch4 would be the passenger’s rear or right half. In this set-up, you are powering 16 highly efficient 8” midrange speakers with 325w per speaker rated power output of the amplifier. Since this amplifier does do more than rated, this set-up will yield 425w per speaker.

Wanna get extra spicy on the midrange output? You can do 8 of the Rogue Car Audio RN65 8 ohm midrange speakers wired in a series-parallel configuration to 2ohm on each channel, and each RN65-8 mid will get over 200w RMS.

That is a quick look at one of the ways to wire up a powerful 4 channel amplifier with all midrange speakers. Let’s look at doing a combination of midrange and midbass speakers.
Looking back at the DSP outputs, I would do ch 5&6 out of the DSP for my midrange and send that signal to the JP10-4 amplifier RCA inputs 1&2. From my DSP, ch 7&8 would be for my midbass signal.

That would go to the JP10-4 RCA inputs 3&4. In this amplifier operation, you want the MODE selector set to 4ch. This will make sure that each set of stereo inputs gets the appropriate signal to them and the speaker outputs amplify that same signal to your speakers.

Channels 1&2 can stay the same using the Rogue Car Audio RN8-8ohm midrange speaker. 4 mids per channel wired in parallel, creating a 2ohm load to the amplifier.

Channel 3&4 can be wired to a 2ohm load using 2 midbass speakers per channel. This will allow each midbass speaker to get more power since we would only be spreading that output over 2 coils per

If you have the room, 2 of the Rogue Car Audio RMB10- 4 ohm midbass speakers on each channel wired in parallel would have each midbass getting 650 – 850 watts each. Insane power.



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