Which 4 12 subwoofer box sounds the best?

The 12-inch subwoofer is one of the top picks at down4sound and having 4 of them can get tricky if you don’t know what you’re up for, almost anything in 4 subwoofers-wise is gonna be loud.  Having the correct understanding of what to expect is everything for a four 12 inch subwoofer enclosure setup.

4 12 subwoofer box

Do you have enough space to fit a 4 12 sub box?

Im gonna say this on every subwoofer-box post, airspace is king, so if you don’t have the space, you probably won’t have the correct airspace for these subwoofers to really get the most out of this setup.  Measure, Measure, Measure! Most of them are big and bulky boxes, some are even a wall of 12’s, one of the worst feelings about installing car audio is having products that don’t fit it just makes you wanna cry.

Make Sure the 4 12 inch subs like ported or sealed!

Whichever sub you choose, make sure you see the manufacturer’s technical info, usually, it will say something like ported recommended or sealed recommended.  GO with the recommendations!

Bracing your vehicle, your gonna need to do this :

You’re about to install a monster of a system, like 4 of  XYZ brand 12-inch monsters, your gonna need to brace with a sound deadener and or expanding foam.  Start with a thick sound deadener then find your weak and tin-sounding points on the vehicle. apply layer by layer. til rattle and tin effects stop. Usually, 2 layers will be fine. Check out our how-to install sound deadener post.

If you continue to flex heavily you will need to then install a pole.

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PREFAB 12 Boxes VS Custom 4 12 subwoofer boxes which are the best?

To keep it easy and simple, you want to build around your budget and time. If you have time and no budget, build your own, or if you have time with a little budget you are gonna wanna check out of D.I.Y4 – 12  sub box, it has all the pieces precut all you have to do is glue it and screw it. you can wrap or paint these DIY Glue and Screw kits too.

4 12 subwoofer box

If you have no time and a little bit of money,  get the Down4sound 4 12 prefab subwoofer enclosure. These are ready to go, and sound great!

If you want a custom 4 12 subwoofer box, check out our custom boxes, these are built in the USA and are very customizable! These both need time and money, but the wait is absolutely worth it!


The winner is what choice is the best for you.


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