If you have been in the car audio scene for a while, then you know there are certain brands that stick out over all the others. Typically, these brands have something that allows them to take the lead in whatever area they occupy. With that said, what brand comes to mind when you think batteries? If I were to take a guess at what you would say, I would bet that it is XS Power. In this post, we’ll take a look at XS Power and what makes them the true leader in mobile batteries.

XS Power was founded in 2005 and resides in Knoxville Tennessee. XS Power specializes in AGM and lithium batteries for 12 through 16 volt systems. They also produce their own line of battery-related accessories as well. Why did XS Power form in the first place? Seeing the drawbacks to traditional 12-volt batteries, XS Power was formed to fill the gap in the automotive industry when it comes to batteries, especially with high-powered, high-capacity AGM batteries. 

So, we know a little history, back story, and why XS Power exists, but what makes XS Power the leader in the AGM and lithium battery industry? Well, it all boils down to two major things. One, their extreme commitment to testing their products. They put their batteries through testing that most other brands just plain skip, or possibly, don’t want to “waste time” doing. Their in-house testing lab ensures that the batteries they produce far exceed the “standard” testing and even the testing performed by accredited laboratories for the mobile battery industry. Because of this commitment, you know that if it has an XS Power label, it will perform the way you expect it to, time and time again. Secondly, XS Power uses the highest energy density battery chemistries known with the AGM battery segment. This chemistry is what has made XS Power so popular with the car audio industry. 

Car audio enthusiasts know that XS Power AGM and lithium batteries will consistently supply those power-hungry amplifiers the power they need to perform at their peak and do it reliably. Car audio competitors, and even the everyday ground-pounders, are setting records because they run XS Power in their systems. The increased size and power needs of today’s amplifiers require on-demand, big power, and XS Power recognized this and began producing battery models that range from 12 volts, all the way up to 16 volts. They definitely have you covered regardless of your voltage requirements. 

If you are looking for a battery for your system, XS Power has a few models, or series, to meet your needs. Here is a breakdown of the XS Power series to help you make an educated choice on what may fit your requirements. Click on the most popular series links below to learn more and to shop Down4Sound Shop for XS Power. 

AGM Batteries

Lithium Batteries

Down4Sound Shop takes pride in being XS Power’s largest retailer in the country. We carry more XS Power than our competitors and we ship it fast. So, when it comes to purchasing the #1 batteries in the car industry, why not shop for them at the #1 car audio retailer in the world, Down4Sound Shop.


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