So, you’ve been on the fence about where to purchase your car audio from and can’t decide which place would be best for you. It can be hard to decide where to spend your money these, days, we get it. Who do you trust with your hard-earned cash and who will take care of you the way you want to be taken care of after your purchase? Well, let me explain why shopping at DOWN4SOUND SHOP is the only place you should consider for your next car audio purchase. 


So Why D4S Over The Others?


Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. To experience the DOWN4SOUND DIFFERENCE. The DOWN4SOUND DIFFERENCE is what sets us apart from everyone else. It’s what makes us, well, DIFFERENT. The DOWN4SOUND DIFFERENCE incorporates many things, but it all starts with the people. D4S has a dedicated, 100% car audio-driven, staff whose sole purpose is to take care of you in every way possible. And I say you because, to us, you are not just another customer or order number, you are part of the D4S family, as such, that is how we treat you. In addition to our most important asset, our people, are the other aspects of D4S that make up the DOWN4SOUND DIFFERENCE. Let’s take a look!


Best Product Selection


D4S has the largest selection of all the popular car audio brands in the industry. Why? Because Down4Sound Shop wants to be your #1 source for all of your car audio needs. This is only one of the reasons we stand above the competition. We take pride in our ability to carry the necessary inventory to get your order fulfilled without any of those pesky delays. Deaf Bonce, to Crossfire, and even Sundown Audio, we have you covered. There isn’t another car audio retailer that carries the inventory we do, and we’re proud of that.


Lowest Prices


Down4Sound Shop has the absolute lowest prices on all the brands that we carry, GUARANTEED. If you do happen to find a price that is lower, we will match any price of another authorized dealer. In addition to having the lowest prices on all of our car audio brands, we also offer various financing options through SNAP and ACIMA to get you bumping with “easy on your wallet” interest-free payments*. 

*See the respective financing terms of SNAP and ACIMA for details. Click HERE for more information.


Fastest Shipping


Down4Sound Shop has the fastest shipping in the industry. How you say? In part is our expansive inventory, but most of all, it’s because our staff is dedicated to fulfilling your order quickly and accurately. We try, to the best of our ability, to get your order out the same day it is placed. In addition, we have partnered with all of the major package and freight carriers to ensure your order is shipped out to you as quickly as possible. And, because car audio is a worldwide passion, we offer international shipping for our outside-the-U.S. family. 


Top-Notch Customer Service


Sure, everyone CLAIMS they have the best customer service, but we live by it! We want you to be happy with every aspect of your experience with us, and we stand by that. If you are not happy, we are not happy. We are here to take care of you because once you purchase from us, you become part of the D4S family.









When you buy for D4S, you know where your money is going and you know you’ll get your product, and be supported after your purchase. You all know the owner and the face behind Down4Sound Shop, Johnathan Price, through his tenure on all social media platforms and the various car audio shows he attends, so you know who he is, and what he is about. He also keeps the operation of D4S transparent so you know, at all times, what is going down at HQ and beyond.



Giving Back To Car Audio and the Community


Down4Sound has participated as a sponsor at over 30 car audio shows. In addition, D4S has been the title sponsor of three car audio shows. D4S has also given away over $30,000 in products on various social media platforms as a thank you to all of our supporters for making us your #1 source for everything car audio! 


These are just some of the reasons why DOWN4SOUND SHOP is the car audio retailer you should trust with your next car audio purchase. We are enthusiasts, like you. We eat, sleep, and breathe car audio, which is what makes us different from the rest. It is you who make D4S the #1 car audio retailer in the world. On behalf of everyone at Down4Sound Shop, I want to personally thank you for checking out this post, and for supporting us.




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