With so many brand choices, it can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out which brand will work for you and meet the needs of your overall system goals. From time to time, I will be posting some information about a few of the brands that we have available at Down4Sound Shop to help you decide which brand may work for you. 

In this post, I will discuss one brand that, for over 20 years, has been taking the car audio scene by storm. This brand has truly become one of the leaders in producing car audio equipment that packs the power, performance, and reliability that people look for in mobile audio.

Not only does this brand’s products perform both musically and in the SPL lanes, but they also look the part as well, which can be important to some. They are overbuilt to take the abuse of serious ground pouring, but sensitive enough to get your music sounding the way it was intended. 

The brand I am speaking of in this post is DC Audio. Founded in 2006, DC Audio has made a name for themselves by offering the car audio community custom-made, hand-built, amplifiers and subwoofers that meet whatever goals you have in mind for your car audio system.

Did you know that Down4Sound Shop stocks more DC Audio than any other online retailer, today? It’s true. D4S wants to the be number one source for all of the major car audio brands, including DC Audio. 

Let’s take a quick look at the D4S inventory of DC Audio, and give you a rundown of some of the products and their specs to help you choose which DC Audio product will work for you. I’m not going to get too specific with the technical details of each product, by I will, however, provide links that you can click in order to see the full specifications of each product on the Down4Sound Shop website.



If you are adding a subwoofer or even multiple subwoofers, you are going to need a well-built monoblock amplifier to give your sub(s) the power to work at their peak. Here is a quick rundown of the DC Audio monoblocks available at D4S.

Multi-Channel Amplifiers

If you plan on upgrading your door speakers or building custom door panels, a good multi-channel will be necessary to get your music loud, crisp, and clear. Here are the DC Audio multi-channel amps available at Down4Sound.


When upgrading, or building a complete car audio system, replacing the factory speakers is a must. Down4Sound has the DC Audio speakers you will need to get the party jumping.

Component Speaker Sets

The DC Audio component set sold by Down4Sound is a “convertible” set. This means the speakers can function as a true separate mid driver and tweeter, or can be they can be converted into coaxial speakers.

Pro Audio Speakers

Super Tweeters

If you want those crisp, clean highs in your audio system, then a nice set of DC Audio super tweeters are what you need. 


Want to bump your bass until the end of time? DC Audio subwoofers have you covered. There are plenty of DC Audio subwoofers available at Down4Sound. Like I said previously, we strive to be THE number one source for all car audio, including DC Audio. Here are the subwoofers.


In addition to the DC Audio, car audio separates, Down4Sound Shop also carries DC Audio packages for bass and for your doors. We’ve taken the frustration and time out of building a perfect package for you. And, If you’ve trashed your DC Audio M3 subs to the point of no return, we have drop-in recone kits for these subwoofers.  Here are the packages and rebuild kits from the Down4Sound website.


If you are looking for a car audio brand that has the all quality, power, and performance you desire, then DC Audio is definitely a choice to consider. I hope this post has given you a quick overview of the selection of DC Audio at Down4Sound Shop. Remember, if you want, or need, more detailed technical information about any of the DC Audio products listed, or would like to purchase any of them, click the direct links I have provided for you within the body of this post.


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