Building a good-sounding car audio system isn’t an easy task. Ask anyone who has been through it before. There is a ton of planning and a lot of money and time that needs to be invested in such a task. This is especially evident when you are planning to install subwoofers into your setup. Getting the subs is the easy part, especially when you get them from Down4Sound Shop, but what about the enclosure? When it comes to enclosures, there are several different routes you can take to accomplish this task. 

You can go with what the car audio industry calls a “pre-fab” box. This could be a good option for you, but in most cases, the specs aren’t right for your sub, resulting in lackluster results. And, the quality isn’t really there either. Most off-the-shelf boxes are made of only 5/8” MDF, making them highly susceptible to failure due to the high-pressure sound waves created by the subwoofers.

Another possible option would be having a custom-built box made for you. This is the ultimate dream option, but if you a truly on a budget, this is definitely not the option for you.

Thirdly, you can build the enclosure yourself. This option has a couple paths you can take. One, you can endure the complete process of designing and then fabricating the enclosure yourself. The only drawback to this option, you need the knowledge and the skills necessary to do it. If you do have the skills, and you can design and build it yourself, that’s great!

The second option would be to have someone design the subwoofer box for you and then you build it to match their design. Sure, this is a great option. You get a design made for your specific subwoofers and space, but this option can also be expensive and will eat up a lot of your time.

Now, I’m not trying to talk you out of any of these options, because they are all great, but what I want to discuss with you in this post are the “PRO-FAB” enclosures we sell here at Down4Sound Shop. So, in this post, I will share with you the reasons why the D4S PRO-FAB enclosures may be the perfect choice for you.

D4S “PRO-FAB” Enclosures

I know exactly what you are saying right now. “But aren’t the D4S PRO-FAB enclosures just pre-fab boxes?” Well, yes, but no. Let me explain the differences.

Before we get into the specifics of the PRO-FAB enclosures, let me start by letting you know that they have all been designed by BASSAHAULIC PRODUCTIONS. If you are familiar with anything in car audio, you know they work. If not, here’s a quick link to the Bassahaulic Productions Instagram page, so you can see it for yourself. The PRO-FAB enclosures are also built here, with pride, in the United States of America. So when you purchase one, you know that you are supporting American businesses and workers.

Now, to the nitty-gritty of the D4S PRO-FAB enclosures. There are many features included in our subwoofer enclosures that the other pre-fabs just don’t offer. When D4S decided to carry our own line of enclosures, we researched the ends of the world, only to find that the off-the-shelf brands were just plain garbage. We no longer wanted you, the D4S family, to waste your money on such trash, so we teamed up with Bassahaulic Productions to provide a premium subwoofer enclosure that puts the other guy’s enclosures to shame. 


Let’s start with the quality and materials. Our PRO-FAB enclosures are constructed with 0.75” MDF, while the other guys only use 5/8”, as I previously stated. This is what gives our enclosures the strength they need to withstand the pounding your subwoofers will give them. Our enclosures are rated up to 3000 WRMS, so you know they can handle daily abuse. Anything over that, though, we recommend going with one of our D4S hand-made, custom enclosures. 

Let’s talk about tuning. Most pre-fab enclosures are tuned extremely high. This leaves a huge hole in the low end of your system. The D4S PRO-FAB enclosures are tuned with the true basshead in mind. Our enclosures are tuned to get down into the lower 30Hz ranges. This is where you want to be for a great daily ground pounder for that DEEP, RICH BASS.

All of our enclosures are sprayed with a quality black, bedliner material. Not only does this finish look hot, but it also functions to keep the box looking great for years and it adds a little bit more rigidity to the enclosure itself. The other guys usually use that cheap, automotive-grade carpet that tears, stains, begins to peel away over time, and ALWAYS wears on the corners. With our enclosures, you will never have to worry about the durability of the finish.

So, who are the D4S PRO-FAB enclosures for? Well, everyone, to give you a short answer. But, it was specifically designed and built for the basshead who is on a budget, wants a premium enclosure for their subwoofers, but doesn’t want the hassle of building something of their own or waiting for someone else to build it for them.


The D4S PRO-FAB enclosures are a perfect match for a variety of subwoofers and work for almost ALL car audio setups. I hope this post has lessened your fear and squashed the stigma over pre-fab subwoofer enclosures. The D4S PRO-FAB enclosures, though “pre-fab,” are far from the traditional. Give one a try. I am confident that you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

In addition to the D4S PRO-FAB unloaded enclosures, we also carry loaded PRO-FAB versions that are preloaded with the popular Sundown Audio SA series subwoofers. So, If you are looking for a one-and-done solution, this option is for you.

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