In this post, we will talk about the ever-popular JP series amplifiers from Down4Sound Shop. These new amplifiers feature big power with the look and feel of the classic amplifiers we remember from the past. In addition to the aesthetics, the JP series amplifiers have all the features you would find in a higher-priced premium competitor’s amplifiers. Down4Sound really listened to what the car audio enthusiasts wanted in an amplifier, and it truly shows. Let’s take a look at the JP series amplifiers and see why they are so popular with car audio lovers world-wide. 


This is the amplifier that started it all for Down4Sound. The JP23 is the epitome of what an amplifier should be. It is built to take the abuse of daily ground-pounding, as well as winning in the SPL lanes, by incorporating the highest-quality internals and hardware. It packs features of a higher degree than other manufacturers that they are envious of or are just down-right beginning to copy to remain pertinent in the car audio industry. Before we get to the technical specifications of the JP23, let’s look at the eye-pleasing design and the features included in this over-built amplifier.

The JP23’s design is highly reminiscent of the killer amplifiers designed in the 1990s, which is considered the hay-day of car audio. The smooth design not only looks great, but it also offers a functional piece as well. The heatsink is, for lack of better words, beefy. It’s able to keep this monster cool, no matter how hard you run it. In terms of keeping the internals of the JP23 cool, the heatsink alone could handle this process, but there is also an internal fan on the output side of the PCB which is triggered to turn itself on at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With this double-barrel approach to cooling the amplifier down, you know the JP23 will never let you down.

So, as beautiful as it is, the JP23 is also a powerhouse. In its early life, thus far, the JP23 has proven itself time and time again with multiple amplifier dyno tests. The most popular amp dyno test was performed by Dereck (Big D Wiz) Williston, from Williston Audio Labs on YouTube and I’m not going to spoil it for you, but you can check out his unbiased look and torture tests of the JP23 HERE and part two HERE.

I know, the design is great, there are amp dyno runs and torture tests of the JP23, but talk is cheap, right? Here’s the technical rundown of the JP23.

RMS Ratings

The RMS ratings of the JP23 are measured at battery voltages of 12v and 14.4v.

  • 2000 WRMS at 1 ohm @ 12v / 2300 WRMS at 1 ohm @ 14.4v
  • 1000 WRMS at 2 ohms @ 12v / 1300 WRMS at 2 ohms @ 14.4v
  • 700 WRMS at 4 ohms @ 12 v
  • 4900 WRMS x 1 at 2 ohms (linked) @ 14.4v

Additional JP23 Technical Specs

  • Topology – Class D
  • Frequency Response – 10Hz to 250Hz
  • Low Pass Filter – 35Hz to 250Hz
  • Subsonic Filter – 10Hz to 50Hz
  • Bass Boost – 0 to 9 dB
  • Input Sensitivity – 6V to 0.2V
  • S/N Ratio – 88dB <
  • THD @ 4 ohms – less than 0.1%
  • Damping Factor – 100
  • Fuse – 200A
  • Strapped Fuse – 400A
  • Measurements – 17.71”L x 7.32”W x 2.19”H


The JP8 is the little brother of the JP23. It is designed for those who want to add some bump to their system, but don’t need the 2300 watts of power the JP23 has to offer.  Personally, this is my favorite amplifier of the JP series lineup. Being a fan of SQ and small car audio setups, the JP8 is perfect. Aesthetically, The JP8 is killer. The cool blue color (called Old Skool Blue) stands out from the other amplifiers out there and pays homage to the colors of D4S and the old school days of car audio. In addition to that cool blue finish, the JP8 has a plexiglass bottom plate to show off the guts of the amplifier. This is one of those differences that make the JP series amps stand out over the competition. The JP8 has the same overall design as the JP23, but only in a smaller package. But don’t take that small size and power rating lightly, this amplifier is anything but. Williston Audio Labs also put the JP8 through amp dyno tests and the results can be seen HERE. Let’s take a look at why you may want to try the JP8 for your next build. Here are the technical specifications.

RMS Ratings

Just like the JP23, these RMS ratings are measured based on voltages of 12v and 14.4v. 

  • 700 WRMS at 1 ohm @ 12v / 850 WRMS at 1 ohm @ 14.4v
  • 500 WRMS at 2 ohms @ 12v / 650 WRMS at 2 ohms @ 14.4v
  • 490 WRMS at 4 ohms @ 12v
  • 2300 x 1 WRMS at 2 ohms (linked) @ 14.4v

Additional JP8 Technical Specs

  • Topology – Class D
  • Frequency Response – 10Hz to 270Hz
  • Low Pass Filter – 35Hz to 250Hz
  • Subsonic Filter – 10Hz to 50Hz
  • Bass Boost – 0 to 9 dB
  • Input Sensitivity – 6V to 0.2V
  • S/N Ratio – 97dB <
  • THD @ 4 ohms – less than 0.1%
  • Damping Factor – 100
  • Fuse – 120A
  • Strapped Fuse – 220A
  • Measurements – 11.81”L x 7.4”W x 2.24”H


The JP234 is Down4Sound’s foray into the 4-channel amplifier market. The JP234 shares all of the same design features and technology as the JP23 and JP8, including the plexiglass backplate of the JP8. It is available in the same colorway as the original JP23, making them a perfect match when building a fully amplified car audio system. The JP234 is the greatest full-range 4-channel amplifier available today. If you are looking for a killer 4-channel amp to compliment your system, the JP234 is the answer. Here are the technical specifications for the JP234.

RMS Ratings

The RMS ratings for the JP234 are measured by using the optimal battery voltage of 14.4V.

  • 334 WRMS at 2 ohms @ 14.4v
  • 234 WRMS at 4 ohms @ 14.4v

Additional JP234 Technical Spec

  • Topology – Class D
  • Full-Range Multi-Channel 
  • 2 ohm Stable
  • High-Speed Mosfet Power Supply
  • Variable High and Low Pass Filters
  • Crossover Multiply X10
  • Band Pass Filter Capability
  • 4-Way Protection Circuitry

The Bass Knob

This is the greatest, single addition to both the JP23 and JP8 monoblock amplifiers. The JP series bass knob is one for the record books. Sure, there are plenty of bass knobs out there, but to have one that incorporates all of the available features into one single package is unheard of. The JP series bass knobs feature the following:

  • Power Light
  • Protect Light
  • Clipping Light
  • Temperature Light
  • Voltage Meter
  • Temperature Meter

What other bass knob do you know sports the same features in one package? Not many, and if they do, the JP series bass knob was the first. 


We hope this post has given you some information about the JP series amplifiers, and why they would be the perfect addition to your car audio system. As I previously stated, these amplifiers built with you, the car audio enthusiast, in mind. We took many of your suggestions and wants in a car audio amplifier and designed them for you. All of the JP series amplifiers are available HERE. If you are looking for a single amplifier to power your sub or door speakers or looking for a full JP23 system, Down4Sound has you covered. 

New D4S JP234 & JP8 Amplifier

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