Melissa Hall is a competitive female basshead with not just one but two builds! She is a veteran basshead, with 30 years of experience installing and building her own setups. Currently, she is the vice president of Team RoyalHittaz. Car audio has always been a part of her life, but she took a lot of inspiration from Ole Silver at Triplefest. She says, “I went to Triplefest and saw Ole Silver, she was a rusted-out old truck from the outside but had a beautiful build inside…I fell in love with the epoxy, huge amps, and adrenaline from feeling it from across the parking lot.” You can follow her, build progression, and her latest work here.


2004 Toyota Sequoia – No Wall



The electrical in Melissa’s Sequoia consists of a 390a Singer Alternator, two 45ah Limitless Lithiums, and Sky High Car Audio wiring throughout. The 45ah Limitless Lithiums utilize the LiFe PO4 (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry. These 45ah lithiums can support up to 8,500w and 12v with 300a of available charging. This is equivalent to 4 100ah AGM batteries.

Link to Singer Alternators

Link to 45ah Limitless Lithiums

Link to Sky High Car Audio Wire

Mids and Highs

Currently, Melissa is running one Crescendo UN 8 per door and one Crescendo super tweeter per door, and two just below the head unit.

The Crescendo UN 8’s Feature:

  • Lightweight French OEM Treated Paper cone, mated to a DuPont Kapton former and edgewound CCAW 2″ coil.
  • N38H Grade Full-Circumference Neodymium Motor with 1 piece CNC T-Yoke and Top plate.
  • CNC Vented Cast Aluminum Frame
  • Rated at 250w RMS
  • dBSPL 1w/1m: 97.3dB
  • Fs: 98hz
  • Overall Diameter: 8 1/4″
  • Hole Cutout: 7″
  • Mounting Depth: 3 1/4”
  • Recommended power range per speaker: 80rms-350rms
  • Usable Frequency response: 90-6500hz @ 250w
  • Sold individually and available in 4ohm or 8ohm.

Link to Crescendo UN 8’s

The Crescendo Super Tweets Feature:

  • Spun and CNC aluminum construction, chambered neodymium motor with integrated heatsink fins cast and milled into the motor housing.
  • Ultra-light titanium diaphragm for minimal breakup at extremely high SPL is driven by a 90% Aluminum/10% copper CAW voice coil.
  • Exponential horn is controlled and designed for full response along a 44 ° dispersion pattern.
  • The faceplate, mounting flange and horn assembly is sculpted for minimal acoustic diffraction and with aesthetics in mind.
  • Usable frequency response: 2800hz-28khz
  • Ideal highpass crossover point for most people: 3800-5000hz
  • 80watts RMS each
  • Mounting hole cutout: 2.5″
  • Mounting depth: 1.9″
  • Overall face diameter: 3.1″
  • Flushmount trim depth: 1/4″

Link to Crescendo Super Tweets

Subs and Sub Amps

Melissa is running two DC Level 6 18s on one Crescendo 12k, metering a 153.06 at 38hz.

The DC Level 6’s Feature:

Sub Size 15″ 18″
Mounting Depth 12.00″ 13.00″
Mounting Hole Diameter 14.25″ 16.90″
Outside Driver Diameter 15.70″ 18.50″
Motor Width 10.62″ 10.62″
Weight 96lbs 108lbs
VC Diameter 4″ 4″
Displacement .22³ ft .27³ ft
Magnet Weight 90lbs 90lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak 4500 / 9000 4500 / 9000
Impedance (Ohm) D.7 / D1 / D1.4 / D2 D.7 / D1 / D1.4 / D2
Sd 815cm² 1217cm²


Suggested Sealed N/A N/A
Suggested Ported 3.0³ ft 5.5³ ft

Link to DC Level 6’s 

Link to Crescendo Audio Amplifiers

2008 Scion XB – Walled


The electrical in Melissa’s XB consists of a 320a Brand X Alternator and Sky High Car Audio wiring throughout. She has not yet decided on which batteries she wants to run in her XB!

Link to Brand X Alternators 

Link to Sky High Car Audio Wire

Mids and Highs

Currently, Melissa is running two Hertz SV 165.1’s per door and two Hertz ST 44 compression tweets in each door.

The Hertz SV 165.1’s Feature:

D mm 128
Re Ohm 3,2
Fs Hz 110
Le mH 0,26
Vas I 4,65
Mms g 10,4
Cms mm/N 0,2
BL T*m 6,5
Qts 0,5
Qes 0,55
Qms 5,53
Spl dB 97
Component SPL Midrange
Size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)
Power Handling – Continuous W Hi-pass filtered @ 200 Hz – 12 dB Oct
Power Handling – Peak W 400
Impedance Ohm 4
Voice Coil Ø 38 (1.5)
Frequency Response Hz 100 ÷ 10k
Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 110 x 45 x 20 (4.3 x 1.8 x 0.8)
Weight of one speaker kg (lb.) 1,85 (4)
Magnet High density flux ferrite
Cone Ultra light pressed paper


Link to Hertz SV 165.1’s

The Hertz ST 44 Compression Tweeters Feature:

  • 44mm Diameter
  • 100w Max
  • Frequency Range: 2.5-20kHz
  • 44mm Voice Coil
  • Ferrite Magnet
  • Aluminum Membrane


Link to Hertz 4″ Compression Tweets 

Powering her mids and highs are two Zapco 6 channels.


Link to Zapco Products

Subs and Sub Amps

Melissa is running two Sundown X 15’s off of 2 Crescendo 5500s.

The Sundown X 15’s Feature:

T/S SPECS Xv2 15″ D2 Xv2 15″ D4
RE (Ohms) 3.8 6.1
FS (Hz) 29.6 29.5
VAS (L) 58.9 59.5
Qes 0.40 0.50
Qms 4.65 4.92
Qts 0.37 0.45
Le (mH) 2.53 3.61
BL (NA) 25.6 28.8
Mms (Grams) 366.8 365.3
Cms (uM/N) 0.08 0.08
Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 87.7db 86.7db

Link to Sundown X 15’s

The Crescendo BC 5500s Feature:

  • Stable down to .5 ohm on strong electrical
  • Up to 18.5v capable on BC3500/BC5500.
  • Remote bass/gain knob with clipping indicator.
  • Custom tooled, proprietary multi-piece thermal optimized heatsink with patent-pending interlocking slide-out CNC engraved top plate.
  • 2 stage copper anodized removable top plate.
  • Silver-plated high end hard-wired tiffany RCA inputs and oversized 1/0 power/ground inputs for efficient current transfer.
  • Overbuilt power supply with heavy copper traces and military spec PCB/heavy duty standoffs for extreme vibration resistance.
  • Manufactured using some of the highest quality and most reliable electrical components, with many 3% tolerance components throughout.
  • Full 4-stage intelligent protection circuitry 1 year/1ohm comprehensive warranty with 2 year/.5ohm optional extended warranty available.

Link to Crescendo Audio Amplifiers

Dizzy Bass! 2 DC Audio Level 6 18s On A Crescendo 12k

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