Amber Martinez first got into car audio when her and her husband built a custom under the seat box for their truck. In it was two Sundown SA 10’s. Shortly after this, they continued building together and Amber got hooked on car audio. Her love for car audio is apparent in her current Suburban build (also known as Enterprise). She competes in USACI and dB Drag, with a personal best of 157.3 dB. This year she will be headed to finals! While she does also have a love for demoing because she can see the reaction on everyone’s faces when they get in, she enjoys competing more. “I want to go to finals because I’ve got something to prove… As women, we are just kind of put off to the side and not taken seriously like the men are.” Her current goal is to break a 160 dB, and she plans on adding more power to hopefully get her there! To take a look at all Crossfire equipment, click here.

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14 Chevy Suburban

Amber’s current build is in a 2014 Chevy Suburban.


The Suburban’s electrical consists of 90ah of Cmax lithium cells, a Brand X 390a alternator, and DC 1/0 OFC throughout the vehicle.

The Cmax Lithium Cells Feature:

  • NMC cell chemistry
  • Low 2.8V, High 4.2v
  • Nominal 3.75v
  • 5 7/8inch (148mm) long
  • 1 1/16 inch (27mm) wide
  • 3 9/16 inch (91 mm) tall
  • 4 7/16 inch (113mm) tall with terminals
  • Terminal size: M5 0.8
  • 1lb 8oz
  • Capacity:  5 Ah
  • Capacity: 18.75 Wh
  • 20C tested
  • 4.2V = 100% SOC (Absolute MAX)
  • 4.1V = 90% SOC (recommended max)
  • 3.7V = 70% SOC
  • 3.5V = 20% SOC (recommended min)
  • 3V = 0% SOC

Link to Cmax Lithium Cells

Link to Brand X 

Mids and Highs

On each side of the Suburban is two Crossfire XT-Pro 6’s and two Crossfire XS-ST1’s. These are running off of one Crossfire C5-800.4.

The Crossfire XT-Pros Feature:

  • Cast Aluminum Basket
  • Oversized CCAW High Temperature Voice Coil
  • Carbon Fiber Cone
  • Treated Cloth Accordion Surround
  • Push Terminals

Link to Crossfire XT-Pros

The Crossfire XS-ST1s Feature:

  • Precision CNC Aluminum Horn Tweeter
  • Chambered Neodymium Motor
  • Aluminum Diaphragm W/ 1” CCA Voice Coil
  • Capacitor Included With Tweeter For Proper Frequency Cutoff
  • Frequency Response: 2800Hz – 28kHz
  • Sensitivity: 106dB
  • Power Handling: 50W RMS
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm
Speaker Size Voice Coil Frequency Response RMS Power Max Power Mounting Depth
XS-ST1 3″ 4/8 Ohm 2800 Hz-28 kHz 80w 160w 1.9″/48 mm

Link to Crossfire XS-ST1s

The Crossfire C5-800.4 Feature:

  • Bridgeable
  • 5 Way Protection Circuit
  • Mosfet PWM Power Supply
  • Power / Protection Indicator
  • Variable High-Pass / Low-Pass Crossover
  • 2 Ohms Stable Stereo
  • Variable 45 Hz Bass Boost (2 Ch. & Mono Block)
  • 4 Ohms Stable Bridged
C5-800.4 100w x 4 Channels @ 4 Ohms Stereo 400w x 2 Channels @ 4 Ohms Bridged 16.4″ x 8.7″ x 2.4″ H

Link to Crossfire C5-800.4

Sub and Sub Amps

Also in the Suburban is four Crossfire C7 18’s running off a Crossfire XT-8k (soon to be an XT-16k).

The Crossfire C7 18’s Feature:

The C7 Series Feature:

  • High Grade Y35 250 oz. Motor Assembly
  • 3” Aluminum Flat Wound High Temperature Hybrid Composite Voice Coil
  • Extended 6 Spoke Cast Frame
  • Semi-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Wide Roll Double Stitched Surround
  • Dual Stitched Flat XL Tinsel Lead Wires
  • Multi-Layer Nomex Spider Suspension
  • Dual 1 Ohm And 2 Ohm Voice Coil Options
  • 1600 Watts RMS Power Handling
Subwoofer Size Voice Coil RMS Power Magnet Weight Mounting Depth
C7 12D1/D2-V3 12″ 3″ Aluminum Flat Wound 1,600w 250 oz. 8.95″/227mm
C7 12D1/D2-V3 15″ 3″ Aluminum Flat Wound 1,600w 250 oz. 9.30″/236mm
C7 18D1/D2-V3 18″ 3″ Aluminum Flat Wound 1,6000w 250 oz. 10.70″/271 mm

Link to Crossfire C7 18’s

The Crossfire XT-8k’s Feature:

  • XT-6K, 8K, Strapable Mono Block Amplifiers
  • Dual MOSFET PWM Power Supply
  • Stable Into 1 Ohm Mono Load
  • 24 dB / Octave, Variable Low-Pass Crossover
  • 24 dB / Octave, Variable Subsonic Filter
  • 9 dB / Octave, Variable Bass Boost (N/A on XS-16K)
  • 180 Variable Phase Shift
  • 4 Way Protection Circuit
  • Subwoofer Level Controller w/ Clipping Indicator Included
  • Working Voltage From 8.5V ~16V
Amplifier Rated RMS Power @ 12.5v Rated RMS Power @ 12.5v Rated RMS Power @ 12.5v Dimensions
XT-6k 6,000w @ 1 Ohm Mono 3,500w @ 2 Ohm Mono 1,800w @ 4 Ohm Mono 28.35″ L x 11.35″ W x 2.6″ H
XT-8k 8,000w @ 1 Ohm Mono 4,800w @ 2 Ohm Mono 2,600w @ 4 Ohm Mono 32.30″ L x 11.35″ W x 2.6″ H
XT-16k 16,000w @ 1 Ohm Mono 10,000w @ 2 Ohm Mono 5,600w @ 4 Ohm Mono 39.35″ L xx 11.35″ W x 2.6″ H

Link to Crossfire XT-8k’s



The head unit being run in the Suburban is a Kenwood DDX57XS.

The Kenwood DDX57XS Feature:

  • 6.8″ WVGA Monitor with Capacitive Touch Panel
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Ready
  • USB Mirroring for Android
  • 13 Band EQ & Digital Time Alignment
  • Rear View Camera Input with Parking Guidelines
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • 2 Preouts 2V & Subwoofer Out

Link to Kenwood DDX57XS

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