What should I choose first – Sub or Amp?

What came first .. the chicken or the egg?

I see lots of people struggling when deciding on which amp to run on their stereo system .. and it drives me crazy by how they didn’t decide ahead of time !

But we need to remember not all of us are pros in the beginning

So which came first ? The Sub or the Amp?
The world may never know but we know one thing – you need both

When deciding which sub to run, in my opinion, the first thing you should decide on since an amplifier is just relaying information and “amplifying it” that’s it ..  choosing the Subwoofer(s) should be your first decision

Plan ahead – the the best thing you can do 

Lets keep things simple..

Some amps can produce better sound than others but in most cases other reasons for amp choice are :

*Sound quality

It all boils down to what really matters to you!

Matching an amp seems easier at first glance than matching a sub or subs and I’ll explain why:

Subwoofers have this thing called DC resistance
AKA Impedance or Ohm load

Certain ones have more (options) than others
Single Voice Coil/ Dual Voice Coil sometimes more!

Sometimes you can get stuck by not having the right DC resistance and adding an additional subwoofer isn’t ideal nor possible …

Need info on how to wire your subs?

Keep reading..

Ohm load/law is important- it can get kinda complicated so to learn more  here ⤵️


Adding a second amp could be “easier” but more complicated..  

Other than that it really boils down to wiring the entire system in unison so that the equipment can run at 100% potential 

Happy amplifier =Happy subs

Ohms law – power applied – expectations

It really all boils down to what you need for your system ..

This can be a deep rabbit hole of information and can put you to sleep so let me put this simply

*Match your equipment
**Plan ahead
***Ask for help.. I’m serious

Find out what your sub(s) need power wise
Match the power ratings with how they will be wired and BOOM DONE

Easy right ? Ehh not so fast actually..

There’s a lot to learn on how speakers can be wired and knowing that is KEY!
Check out this tutorial on how to wire up your subwoofers to your amp : 

Picking the amp is the easy part
But so can picking the subs !

Use your math skills we learned in 4th grade and you’ll have an amazing matching system ..


Ohms law.. learn it 

~Stay Livin’Loud 

About The Author Andy Magil

The Coolest Live Streamer in Car audio Happy to help for those wanting to learn about car audio and everything involved with that ! Judge in two Car Audio Organizations TeamSPLoud Meca Current systems “CookieMonster” Consisting of a Kicker SoloX18 Also have a Kicker Quad Box in the daily Many other systems .. shoot anything that has more than two wheels has a system ! If you need specific help I have my website listed with all my links Also have a Discord Server for all things Car audio that I do ! https://discord.gg/M76NcW5Kfw

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