Let’s learn how a speaker works first though.. 

T.S Specs what are those ?
In short T.S Specs are how a speaker is defined by measurement of multiple variables

Some of us want a Hummer but don’t have the budget for gas or somewhere to park it .. 

Stuck with a Geo Metro? Grocery getter ?


I get it





*Space Available 

What works for us in our exact situation..

Enclosures are key .. they literally make or break how your system sounds .. no enclosure no sound

**Now free air applications are something entirely different but that’s a topic for another day

Lets keep things simple
Subwoofers are measured in three ways
Electro/mechanical (Total of both combined)
What does that mean?

Each driver is ran through the paces and will show certain numbers for each “test”

If you’ve ever played Need4Speed Ungrounded

You will be familiar with a Car Dyno
They test speakers in a familiar way but results are way more than just Horsepower and torque!

A few to know are
*SD – actually cone area
*FS – frequency it moves the easiest
*QTS – TOTAL factor of compliance (this one is the most important in my opinion)

Why QTS ? Why not list more ?

There are a lot of parameters when TS Specs are being measured
These are the main ones that will MOSTLY define what a subwoofer will run best in ..

Yes It’s kinda that easy !
Also yes .. there is more to define what will work EVEN better in your exact scenario

But we are here for that simple answer …

What enclosure type should I use ?
Sealed or Ported ?



Let’s go back to the numbers ..



QTS .. yes QTS

I won’t make you read a dictionary..

*Under .4 run it in a Ported Enclosure
*Between .4- .7 Sealed Enclosure
*Above.7 Free air

That easy?

I wouldn’t quite say that … BUT

This will give you a very good idea on what will work best in most cases !!!

Could you run a .5 in a ported enclosure? Sure ! There is definitely flexibility with every application!

More variables to look at to get that perfect match for your subwoofer! But this will get you CLOSE

Wait .. I didn’t mention which is better …
Is there one that’s better ?


Each enclosure has its pros and cons

*Efficiency exchanged for Bandwidth
*Output is greater running Ported (3+dB alone)
In exchange for bandwidth
24db roll off compared to 12

What’s a roll off ?
Don’t worry about it …
Today we are keeping things simple but if you would like to learn more about enclosure roll offs and more in-depth information check out my boy HEXI BASS

Okay I want a (blank) enclosure.. which is easier to build or design ?

Sealed enclosures are VERY Forgiving

Easy to build (less pieces!)
Smaller (less wood)

Ported are complex with finding out what size port is needed for what power is applied

Man could I get technical on this … keeping it simple ..

Stick with well known Builders to design you a ported enclosure until you learn the basics

Order a Enclosure from Down4Sound ! They make great quality enclosures!



Prefabs are not all built the same !!!


Again sealed enclosures are easy

Less output and also less efficient

Need more power
Need less space
More bandwidth

…. You could say I like sealed enclosures… but again they have their downfall in some aspects

Likewise for the ported enclosures..

Sealed vs Ported

Tight accurate bass ?

More boom for your buck

Keep it simple .. learn your basics
Try different enclosures
Different subwoofers


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About The Author Andy Magil

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