List of Current (2022) Skar 18″ Subwoofers  

At Down4SoundShop there are many options for those looking for 18″ subwoofersSkar is one out of eleven brands that have 18″ subwoofers in their lineup. The 18″ subwoofers available from Skar include:  

1. EVL 18” Subwoofer 

Photo Gallery

Skar Audio 2,500 Watt EVL-1X18D2 Single 18-inch Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Demo!!

2. SDR 18” Subwoofer 

Photo Gallery

Skar Audio SDR-1X18D2 Single 18-inch 1200 Watt Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure Demo!!

3. ZVX 18” Subwoofer 

Photo Gallery

INSANE Truck Build With A Single Skar ZVX-18 😳

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