When it comes to car audio subwoofers, not all are created equal. We all know the “popular” brands and the power and output they can produce. There is a brand that is known to some but seems to fly under the radar when we all think about car audio and that brand is Incriminator Audio. 

Founded in 2002 by Nick Wright, Incriminator Audio came to exist by Nick doing a couple of re-cones for Paul Nelson, an Extreme 2 competitor. Nick’s re-coning processes led Paul to hit a 173db and him to make a statement about Nick taking his re-coning seriously and that stuck with Nick leading to, long story short, the birth of Incriminator Audio.

What Makes Incriminator Audio Different? 

Well, in their own words, performance is greater than hype. At Incriminator Audio, the focus is creating a top-notch product in every aspect of car audio, from subwoofers to amplifiers and speakers. They are the only car audio company that does things differently to help them stick out from the crowd and not get lost in the sea of brands. Another aspect of Incriminator Audio that puts them in another league is the fact that they don’t just sell their products to anyone for the sake of making a buck. Good luck finding anything from Incriminator Audio on Amazon. This one simple facet puts them in an elite club of car audio brands that haven’t sold out, and they promise to NEVER do so.

Why Are We Talking About Incriminator Audio?

Incriminator Audio is probably one of the most slept-on brands in the car audio industry. When you buy Incriminator Audio products, those who know, know that you get extreme build quality, extreme audio performance, all for a price that truly will not break your wallet. That said, the main reason we are talking about Incriminator Audio is that Down4Sound Shop is an authorized dealer for IA and carries more IA than any other dealer, period. You won’t find more anywhere else, and you won’t be duped into buying anything else because of the lack of inventory. No one can beat the on-hand inventory of Incriminator Audio at Down4Sound Shop.

IA, Something For Everyone

Incriminator Audio has something for everyone, from the budget build to the extreme SPL machine. In this post, I’ll go over a couple of the products available from Incriminator Audio and if I pique your interest, you can find what you need in the IA pages of Down4Sound Shop.

IA Subwoofers

The Reserve Series

The Reserve Series is the pinnacle of the Incriminator Audio subwoofer lineup. Under the Reserve line are two incredible subwoofer models that are true SPL beasts. These are the Judge and the Warden. 

The Warden: The Warden is IA’s high-performance SPL subwoofer created on


a solid NEO platform. Besides the benefits of the NEO motor structure, the Warden is built to handle the abuse of the SPL lanes like no other subwoofer. Some of the Warden’s main features stiff, quadruple, progressive spiders, an 8-layer, flat-wound 3” voice coil, and fiber-reinforced cone structure, all adding up to the 3500 watt RMS power handling capability. In its standard form, the Warden is available with dual 1 and dual 2 voice coil configurations in 12”, 15”, 18”, and 21” versions. And, if the standard isn’t your bag, the Warden can be customized to meet your SPL needs, from adding spiders to custom voice coil impedances in dual 0.35 ohm, and dual 0.50 ohm, as well as direct leads.

The Judge: The Judge is the ferrite “little brother” of the Warden and shares most of the major features of the Warden including the voice coil. The main difference is the ferrite motor structure that not only looks like a monster but allows this subwoofer to perform like a monster with its 3000 watt RMS power handling capability. The Judge is available in dual 1-ohm and dual 2-ohm voice coil configurations and in 12”, 15”, 18”, and 21” sizes.

The I Series

The I Series is IA’s version of an entry-level subwoofer, that is far from entry-level. The I Series is the subwoofer for those wanting to get a premium subwoofer brand, but do not want to pay that premium brand price. The I Series “entry-level” features are some of the features found in other brands’ higher-tier, or mid-level, subwoofers. These features include a 2.5”, 4-layer voice coil, 120 oz. double-stacked ferrite magnet motor structure, and a conservative 500 watt RMS power handling capability. The I Series is available in 12” and 15” versions with either dual 2-ohm or dual 4-ohm voice coil configurations.

IA Amplifiers

The Reserve Series

There are several Incriminator Audio amplifiers that bear the Reserve Series badge of honor, but in this instance, I want to discuss the big dog of the series, the IA80.1 Reserve.

IA80.1 Reserve: The IA80.1 Reserve is Incriminator’s top-performing amplifier in the Reserve line. Rated at a hefty 9600 watts RMS, the IA80.1 Reserve is not a slouch by any means. The main highlight of the IA80.1 Reserve and many other IA amplifiers is their patent-pending SplitForce Technology. SplitForce Technology is IA’s answer to creating big power amplifiers, but in a footprint that is considerably smaller than a comparable amplifier from another brand. SplitForce Technology, in the words of Incriminator Audio, divides the power supply section of the amplifier from the output section of the amplifier and places them on top of each other, resulting in an amplifier that is up to 50% shorter in length, while maintaining the ability to strap multiple amps together.

The IA80.1 Reserve Features:

  • Digital Class-D Strappable Mono Block
  • SplitForce Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Dual MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
  • 1-ohm Stable / Stable up to 19V
  • Input Voltage Display
  • Silver Tiffany RCAs
  • 1/0g Power and Ground Inputs
  • 4g Speaker Connections
  • Bass Knob with Clipping Indicator
I Series Amplifiers

I501: The I Series I501 is Incriminator Audio’s entry-level amplifier and like the I Series subwoofers, is also far from entry-level. The I501 packs some of the killer features that the higher-tier IA amplifiers possess, but at a lower price point. This amplifier was designed to give the budget basshead the ability to experience Incriminator Audio without having to spend a ton of money in the process.

The I501 Features:

  • Digital Class-D Mono Block
  • MOSFET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
  • 1-ohm Stable / 16V Stable
  • 4g Power and Ground Inputs
  • Remote Bass Knob


DPX-6: The DPX-6 is at the top of the IA food chain in terms of speakers. This mid-bass loudspeaker was built from the ground up to perform at a level that is undeniably better than the other brand’s speakers. If you see the DPX-6 in person, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer size of the magnet structure. Incriminator Audio has the biggest available motor structure that can fit on a 6.5” speaker which allows the DPX to perform at its peak, time and time again.

The DPX-6 Features:

  • 150 Watt RMS Power Rating
  • Available in 4-ohm and 8-ohm Versions
  • Large 20 oz. Motor Structure
  • Silver Push Terminals

I65: The I65 coaxial speakers are for those looking to get loud but on a budget. They are designed to be that perfect factory upgrade that will sound better than the other major brand’s speakers in the same category. Even though the I65 is considered a “budget,” don’t be fooled. This coaxial is no joke!

I65 Features:

  • 85 Watts RMS Power Handling
  • 6.5” Woofer with 1” Silk Dome Tweeters
  • 10.1” Motor Structure


This post was created to shed more light on a car audio brand that kind of sits in the shadows. But just because Incriminator lurks there, doesn’t mean they aren’t poised to take over the car audio scene. If Incriminator Audio is something you think you may be interested in or a brand you’d like to learn even more about, you can find all we have to offer from them right HERE!


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