PICKING 10 inch Subwoofer for car

This article will talk about ten-inch subwoofers that will help pick your next 10-inch sub setup. We will go first over the question on the top 10 subwoofer for car sub-brands, the 10 inch sub speaker wire, the 10-inch sub box, and enclosure prefab vs. custom. Finally, we will get to the recommendations of amplifiers and bass package combinations.

Why the 10 inch car subwoofer?

  1. less space is needed (sometimes)
  2. for punchy mid and low bass frequencies ( as long as you can tune an amplifier)
  3. system objective, the goal on sound and space, the 10-inch subwoofers driver is picked.
  4. shallow mount options in this size are available

TOP 10 inch Subwoofers BRANDS:

The most reputable brands of the 10-inch subwoofer size are dual voice coil subwoofers. 10 inch Single Voice coil is usually

What subwoofer wire is needed for a 10 inch subwoofer?

It ranges, depending on the manufacturer; the safe and easy bet is a 10, 12 gauge speaker wire. Always check to see if the information is available, just in case you do not have the correct size and risk melting the terminal, or worst the speaker wire falls out and or the positive and negative touch.

TAKE YOUR TIME wiring your subwoofers, one wrong move, and it’s just a pain in thee you know what.

If you have ID what sound you want, then see it is recommended if you can have it sealed or ported. MOST users run ported just to have low and loud bass.

Stay away from prefab junk. people are really misled on prefab enclosures from amazon, Walmart, and eBay. not saying all are bad but the majority are. I’m not gonna mention any brands just know if it’s cheap there is a reason, and I promise you it’s all about how much XYZ brand can save.

For quality built prefab subwoofer box, get a DOWN4SOUND 10 INCH PROFAB SUB BOX ENCLOSURE. These are built with a purpose “BassHead” ready 10-inch sub box enclosures with, they come in both MDF and Birch. We coat them in a rugged coat, real wood glue so the enclosure is extra strong.

Custom 10 subwoofer Enclosures |  Custom 10 sub boxes

There is no doubt, custom subwoofer boxes will always sound better, here at down4sound shop, we have made to order custom subwoofer boxes for you, made from birch, which is lighter than mdf, and stronger. All of our custom subwoofer boxes are made in the usa.

10 inch subwoofer combinations for your car, truck, or SUV!

Car and Most Truck 10-inch subwoofer setups:

  • If Sedan (heavy hammers daily): this car should have folding seats, ported leave seats down to bump the tunes heavy.
  • If Coupe example 1: it’s probably gonna be a tight fit on this, maybe a single 12 port or 2 10’s in a SEALED BOX
  • If Coupe example 2: Rear Seat Delete Kits are a big expense, at that point just wall it.
  • If Truck example 1:  with shallow box setup, I highly recommend the Sundown Sd-4 . These subwoofers sound amazing!
  • If Truck example 2,  and you’re wanting 10-inch subs, check with the required airspace is for the driver, a seat lift kit for passengers will probably be needed.
  • If Truck example 3: If you wanna be really loud, doing a blow-through or wall is gonna be what you are gonna want on the start. this is gonna need additional reinforcements and is the most expensive.

SUV and Wagon 10 inch sub setups:

  • IF SUV / Wagon example 1: 2 – 10’s ported below the window line, you can also do 3 10’s in most SUV’s we have plenty 2-10 subwoofer boxes and 3 – 10 subwoofer boxes at down4sound.
  • IF SUV / Wagon example 2: 4 – 10’s or 6 10’s can happen, again, please check the airspace requirements, this is gonna be very loud and very will require you to properly brace your SUV / Wagon so you don’t start breaking stuff.

Final Thoughts:

If you are tight on space a single 10 profab, if you wanna get down 4 sound, a dual profab will do well, if you wanna get down4sound with a custom look get our custom 10 boxes, Any of the brands listed in the article.


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