If you are looking to build a car audio system that sports all of the big brands but you don’t want to spend all of your cash doing it, there is an easy way to get those higher end pieces for less than what you think.

You already know that Down4Sound Shop carries the largest selection of car audio from all of the major brands and at the lowest possible prices, but did you know that you can get some of those same car audio brands for even less? Yes, less! And I’m going to tell you how to do it.


So, you don’t know what B Stock is? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the easiest, and most affordable way to get killer car audio equipment for an even better price. Down4Sound Shop carries a wide variety of B-stock product and has something for everyone when it comes to saving you even more cash on your favorite brands.

What makes an item B-stock? Well, B-stock items are car audio goodies that have some blemishes in their finishes, or the packaging has been damaged in some way. The B-stock car audio that Down4Sound Shop carries is fully functional and comes with a warranty, so there is no reason to worry when contemplating a purchase of this type.

If you take a good look at our selection of B-stock car audio, you’ll see that we have what you need to build your dream system for even less than you imagined. You will also notice that our B-stock section doesn’t slouch on the brands either. We have Sundown Audio, D4S, and many more brands available. This means you can run the best in car audio for way less than your friends and you can feel good about it because you didn’t break the bank.

So if you are looking to build a car audio setup like the big boys, or girls, and you want to do it on a budget, check out the B-stock sections on DOWN4SOUNDSHOP.COM.

And just like all of the other “A-stock” car audio equipment, the B-stock items also include the Down4Sound Difference. Just because you saved a bunch of money and got that killer system for less, doesn’t mean we’ll treat you any less than everyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? The system of your dreams is waiting for you at Down4Sound Shop. Hit the website and navigate to the B-stock section. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve included all the quick links to get you to the B-stock car audio sections faster. All you have to do, is click below to get there.

B Stock Sundown & Deaf Bonce Arrivals at Down4Sound 😱 🏷

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