If you’ve been in the car audio scene for a while, you’ve probably heard of the Deaf Bonce brand. Deaf Bonce is a brand under the parent company Alphard Group. The Deaf Bonce brand has become a powerhouse brand in the car audio community, not only for killer SPL but for those musical moments as well. In this post, We will look at the specific series included under the Deaf Bonce brand and what makes them stand out.

Under the Deaf Bonce moniker, there are three specific series or brands, we will take a look at. The Hannibal, Machete, and Apocalypse lines. All three series offer a little something different for the car audio enthusiasts. There is definitely a Deaf Bonce series for everyone. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

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The Machete series of subwoofers is Deaf Bonce’s budget-friendly series. The Machete, though considered “budget”, is definitely not built like a budget subwoofer. As with all of the Deaf Bonce products, the Machete is built with the same quality and reliability as the upper-tier subwoofers in the Deaf Bonce lineup. Price does not always equal cheaply-made and Deaf Bonce has proven this with the Machete series. The Machete line is available in two flavors, The ML and the MF series. The ML series offers a modest 350 watts RMS power handling, while the MF series steps up quite a bit to 8oo watts RMS. Bottom line? The Machete series is for those who want to add a little more depth to their music, but don’t want to spend a ton of cash doing it.


The Hannibal series is the big brother of the Hannibal lineup, so to speak. The Hannibal series was created to give the car audio enthusiast a mid-tier subwoofer that carries better power handling over the Machete line, but will also not break the bank. The Hannibal line beefs up the voice coils and soft parts to basically give you a bulletproof, middle-of-the-road subwoofer that can get down. The Hannibal HSS lineup consists of the HSS-28xx and the HSS-32xx, with the “xx” denoting the size of the subwoofer. The HSS-28xx series is a 600 watt RMS powerhouse that gives you just the right amount of thump but can be extremely musical as well. The HSS-32xx keeps the same characteristics as the HSS-28xx, but steps the power handling up to 1000 watts RMS, for those wanting a little bit more out of their system.


The Apocalypse series is the “bad boy” of the Deaf Bonce line. This is the subwoofer you want to choose if you want to compete with the bigger subwoofers in the car audio scene, like the Sundown Audio Zv5 and the offerings from Incriminator Audio. The Apocalypse is no slouch in any area. For example, the DB Apocalypse DB-3015 features a 3” voice coil and can handle a whopping 2400 watts RMS with ease. If you are looking for a subwoofer that can decimate the SPL lanes, which Deaf Bonce has proven, or just add some bass to your daily, the Apocalypse should be the choice. The Apocalypse subwoofers come in a variety of different models such as the DB-30xx, the DB-35xx, the DB-45xx, the DB-SA27x, the DB-SA25x, and the DB-30x line. Each line offers something completely different and unique. They have power handling capabilities ranging from 1000 watts RMS, all the way up to 4000 watts RMS. This wide range of offerings gives car audio lovers a multitude of choices when it comes to Deaf Bonce’s top subwoofer lineup and allows them to meet the goals of their car audio system design. 

Unbelievable Excursion! Carbon Fiber Deaf Bonce Apocalypse 15" Sub pushed HARD

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