When you think about putting together a car audio system, there are a few factors that will ultimately dictate which direction you need to go. One such factor, and probably the factor that most of us consider is budget. In the next couple of posts, here on the Down4Sound Blog, we will begin a “budget-based series” that will focus on what car audio equipment can be put together based on specific price points. We’ll stick with $1000, $1500, and $2000 budgets because these are pretty reasonable, and average, basshead budgets in which you can my your car loud. 

The focus of this series will be on creating a chest-thumping subwoofer setup. To start things off, let’s focus on Sundown Audio. Being the most popular car audio brand today, Sundown Audio seems to be the perfect brand, to begin with. This series will break down a couple price points and discuss what Sundown Audio subs and amps I would recommend to get yourself bumping. For simplicity purposes, I’ll be recommending all the setups with 12” subwoofers as that is the most popular size of subwoofer used.

The $1000 Banger

If you have a modest budget of around $1000, then you may be thinking that you can’t add a killer subwoofer set up to your ride. But, I’m here to tell you that your beliefs are all wrong. What if I said you can get the system you want, and all for a little under your $1000 budget? Would you consider it? If you are skeptical about my words, let’s take a look at the system you can build.

For a subwoofer setup at this price, look no further than the LCS Bass Package from Down4Sound. This package has everything you need to get yourself up and producing big bass, minus an enclosure, but don’t worry about that, it’s all covered. The Sundown Audio LCS Bass Package is a killer deal. And, if you want the complete turnkey bass package, add a D4S “Pro-Fab” box into the mix and you’ll have everything, and I mean everything, you need to add some serious bass to your ride, and all for under a grand. Let me break that down for you using the most popular subwoofer size, 12 inches:

As of the time of writing this post, the total cost of this setup comes to $647.95! Not a bad price for adding serious low-end bass to your system. What’s not to like here? With the Sundown Audio brand, you know you’ll get that perfect sound you desire in a subwoofer setup.

The $1500 Baller

If your budget allows you a little more cash, you can have a subwoofer set up that will completely rock the block. If you’ve been reading this post, you know I’ve covered the $1000 budget bass system, but now let’s look at what you can get for $1500. As I proved with the LCS bass package, it doesn’t take a lot of money to get yourself a great-sounding subwoofer set up from Down4Sound Shop. Sundown Audio, as you know, has a wide range of subwoofers and amplifiers to meet the needs of most car audio enthusiasts. Here’s what I would recommend for someone looking to spend around $1500. Take a look at the D4S Sundown Audio SAv2 bass package. This package was specifically built to satisfy the needs of the basshead looking to escape the “entry-level” setup and step up to the big boy league. Keep in mind, you will have to add an enclosure to this package to make it bang, which I will include in the total cost. Our SAv2 package includes the following:

With everything I have listed here for the SA bass package, including the enclosure the total cost comes out to around $1512.97! Keep in mind, the more you customize your enclosure, the more you will add to its overall cost. But for a little over $1500, this is one banging setup. Not to mention, when you choose the SA v2 bass package, you will get a heap of free goodies, including a t-shirt and multimeter. You won’t find a better package than this for the price.

2 Grand For The Win

This post initially started with a $1000 budget in mind, and to be honest, you can get a lot for such little money. But, just think what is possible if you doubled that budget and upped it to around $2000+/-. With this budget, you can definitely enter true car audio addict status. Let’s take a look at what I’d recommend from Down4Sound Shop’s Sundown Audio shelves to build what I believe is the perfect setup at this price point. For this build, I would recommend the following Sundown Audio equipment to get your system into a league of its own:

This subwoofer setup, as described, comes to a little over the $2000 mark, at $2263.95. But for the money, you are getting a lot. The U-series subwoofers and the custom enclosure are built to take some serious abuse and to perform at their peak through it all. The recommendations for this setup are not a pre-built package, like the others. This is all separates, making it a little more customizable. As in the previous setup, the more features or customizations you add to the enclosure to the equipment itself will add to the overall cost. 


Whether you have a $1000 budget or a $1 million budget, Down4Sound Shop has all the Sundown Audio equipment your heart desires. If we can help you build the perfect Sundown setup, no one in the car audio industry can.

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what you can build if you are looking for Sundown Audio. Don’t take these recommendations as gospel. They can definitely be customized to enable you to better meet your individual needs and wants. If you are looking for Sundown Audio at the lowest possible prices, and want it fast, Down4Sound Shop has you covered.


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