When you think about putting together a car audio system, there are a few factors that will ultimately dictate which direction you need to go. One such factor, and probably the factor that most of us consider is budget. In the next couple posts, here on the Down4Sound Blog, we will begin a “budget-based series” that will focus on what car audio equipment can be put together based on specific price points. We’ll stick with $1000, $1500, and $2000 budgets because these are pretty reasonable, and average, basshead budgets in which you can my your car loud. 

The focus of this series will be on creating a chest thumping subwoofer set up. In my previous post, we looked at building great budget bass systems with Sundown Audio. This time, We will look at another car audio manufacturer that is quickly gaining popularity in the car audio scene and that company would be Alphard/Deaf Bonce. Now, if you know the name Alphard/Deaf Bonce, then you will know there are several “brands” under this umbrella. So, if I name something that isn’t specifically DB, then you should know that it will fall under this category. This post will break down a couple price points and discuss what family subs and amps I would recommend to get yourself bumping. For simplicity purposes, I’ll be recommending all the set ups with 12” subwoofers as that is the most popular size of subwoofer used.

$1K Bass Machine

For $1000, you can build yourself a pretty nice bass setup. Don’t feel as if this budget will limit you on big bass, because it definitely will not. For this setup, I would recommend using the Machete MF-12s subwoofers. Some might say these subwoofers are entry-level, but I beg to differ. They include many features that mid-tier subwoofers would incorporate at a more reasonable price. The MF-12s subs can also handle some decent power. They are conservatively rated at 800 WRMS each, making them a pretty stout subwoofer for the money. To power those subs, look no further than the Machete MA-1500.1D. This 1500 WRMS amplifier has the power to make a pair of the MF-12s slam. To send the correct voltage to the amp, don’t forget to get yourself a fresh Certified Basshead/D4S silver-tinned 4 gauge OFC amp kit. Not only does this kit look the part, it will have no trouble supplying the juice needed to get your amp up and running at its peak. 

Let’s break down this setup to show you what the total cost would be, if you choose this route. 

As of the writing of this post, the total cost for this killer, budget build would be around $884.68. Not too bad for what some would call and “entry-level” system.

$1500 Mid-Life Crisis

I call this one the “Mid-Life Crisis,” simply because it is a mid-level system that will perform just like the higher-level, big-bass systems you see on YouTube and Instagram. Keep in mind, this system is for the person who wants a little bit more from their setup than just the basic. For $1500, you can get a pretty stout bass package that will rock the block. Let’s take a look at what you can get, shall we? For subwoofers, I would recommend getting yourself a set of Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-SA302 12” subwoofers. These beasts handle around 2k RMS, conservatively. And trust me when I tell you this, you won’t believe these subwoofers are mid-level. For the amplifier, the DB Apocalypse AAB-4900.1D should be your amp of choice for these subwoofers. Don’t let the 4900 WRMS rating scare you, the DB-SA302 subwoofers should take it like a champ, if the amplifier has been properly set up with a tool like the SMD DD-1, or DD-1+. As with the first bass package, the recommendation would be to use the D4S 0g OFC amplifier wiring kit. If this kit doesn’t fit your needs, D4S also carries 0g OFC by the foot and all the necessary cabling you will need to get yourself set up. For the enclosure, the Team D4S Pro-Fab box should work well for this situation.

If this package sounds like a good fit, let me break it down and give you the total out-of-pocket cost.

Leaving entry level systems behind, you may be wondering what this setup will cost you. Will it hurt your wallet? I assure you, it will not, if you’re looking to spend around $1500. The total cost for this bass package would be around $1599.68. Sure, It’s a little over the $1500 limit, but trust me, you’re getting something that is well worth the money.

$2K Or To The Moon

Looking for a bass setup that will own the lanes, or pound the ground? If so, look no further than what I’m about to break down to you. Typically, in this series, I break down bass packages in $1000, $1500, and $2000 price points, but for this package, I went a little beyond my limits and I’ll explain why later on in this post. But for now, if you’re not one to worry about the budget too much, this package will be what you want to get. 

As I looked through the Alphard/DB subwoofer inventory, here at Down4Sound Shop, I realized this package was going to be a little more challenging. The reason being, there are so many subwoofer choices to make, but I feel I’ve made a pretty good choice as to what may work for the overall basshead. The subwoofer I chose would be the Avatar STU-1246. Not only does this subwoofer look good, this thing is a pure beast. When you own an Avatar subwoofer, people around you know it based on its orange basket, but they also know it based on the amount of bass you are throwing in their faces. To power these monsters, there’s no other amplifier than the DB Apocalypse AAB-7900.1D. Now, As I’ve said before, don’t let the amplifier’s rating deter you from purchasing it. Those Avatar subs will have no problem eating up that power as long as you set that amp up properly. To get the proper power to the amp, you will need some pretty good wiring, and D4S has the best in the business. For this, the D4S 0g OFC kit will get you straight. Keep in mind, though, you will need two kits as the AAB-4900.1D requires dual inputs and dual grounds. 

Let’s break it down.

The cost for this banger is 1929.68, which isn’t bad for what you get. Now, I know what you are saying to yourself at this moment. “You haven’t included an enclosure.” You are right. The reason I haven’t included an enclosure in this package is because you will need to have a box custom fabricated for the Avatar subwoofers. For this, D4S also has you covered, but pricing will vary due to your specific needs and vehicle.


Whether you have a $1000 budget or a $1 million budget, Down4Sound Shop has all the Alphard/Deaf Bonce equipment your heart desires. If we can help you build the perfect bass setup, no one in the car audio industry can.

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what you can build if you are looking for Alphard/Deaf Bonce. Don’t take these recommendations as gospel. They can definitely be customized to enable you to better me you individual needs and wants. If you are looking for anything under the Alphard umbrella, at the lowest possible prices, and want it fast, Down4Sound Shop has you covered.

Budget BANGIN Subwoofers! 10" 12" & 15 inch Deaf Bonce MACHETE | Cheap Car Audio Subwoofer Review

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