Black Hydra is Alphard Audio Group’s high-end SQ line of products. When it comes to high-end car audio, Black Hydra has things nailed down. Every amplifier, component set, and subwoofer is built with reliability, performance, and sound quality in mind. 

Though not as popular as the Deaf Bonce and Avatar brands under the Alphard Audio Group’s umbrella, Black Hydra has grown in popularity over the years with SQ enthusiasts all over the world and it’s plain to see why. Let’s look at a few of Black Hydra’s SQ offerings and see what sets them apart from the competition.

Black Hydra HGS Subwoofer

The HGS subwoofer is built to meet the uncompromising principles of SQ subwoofers. The build of the HGS is second to none. It includes features such as a black aluminum voice coil former to allow for greater heat dissipation than a typical subwoofer of this type. 

The suspension of the HGS is constructed as such that it allows the subwoofer to function, and remain distortion-free beyond its maximum limit, also reducing the potential of driver damage at moderate to higher volume levels. 

Though only rated at 230 watts RMS, the HGS subwoofer is a true SQ monster. Its build quality and ability to utilize small enclosures make it a perfect choice for those wanting a great musical subwoofer, but lack the space for something traditional.

Black Hydra HBC-3.28

The HBC.3.28 is Black Hydra’s top-tier, 3-way component set. This component set is aimed at providing the best possible division of the audible range into three distinct bands. This component set, from Black Hydra, was created with the true audiophile in mind. It gives the listener the high-quality musical playback they crave and allows their music to be heard as intended.

Black Hydra HGA-4.100

The HGA-4.100 is a truly high-end, 4-channel amplifier that is more budget-friendly than you would think. The HGA-4.100 features a dual power supply, giving the amplifier outstanding linearity. Much detail was taken into consideration when designing the PCB layout within the case of the HGA amplifier. Special care was taken to ensure the highest quality components were used to keep the HGA-4.100 operating with great efficiency and performance. The HGA-4.100 was truly created to give a car audio system the highest-quality sound available from an amplifier on the market today. 


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