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Avatar is a car audio brand that falls under the Alphard Audio Group, like Deaf Bonce. The Avatar brand is geared more toward the car audio user who is looking for a subwoofer that can handle big power, yet keep your music sounding great. If you haven’t heard of the Avatar brand, be aware that this is definitely not a brand you want to sleep on, especially now that it is available in the United States. 

Avatar is poised and ready to compete with the bigger, well-known, U.S. brands such as Sundown Audio and DC Audio, though some may disagree. But the facts of the matter are, Avatar is silently taking the car audio scene by storm. In order to understand why this brand is gaining in popularity, let’s look at a few of the models available for your listening pleasure. 

Avatar SST-1x

The SST-1x is the first step in the Avatar subwoofer lineup. This is a great beginning point if you are looking to add much-needed low end to your music, but yet, still want to bump. The SST-1x line offers great features like a 2” voice coil and a modest 300 watt RMS power handling rating. The SST-1x series allows you to enter the realm of Avatar with ease.

Avatar SST-3xx

The SST-3xx is the next level up in the Avatar line. When your system is calling for a little more in terms of power handling and loud, the SST-3xx is the subwoofer needed. The SST-3xx subwoofers feature a good bump in their overall build compared to the SST-1x line. Stepping up to the SST-3xx subwoofers gives the car audio enthusiast a good bump in overall power handling and other features. The SST-3xx subwoofers are rated at a conservative 1000 watts RMS.

Avatar SST-30xx

The SST-30xx series in the Avatar line is a step up from the SST-3xx in the Avatar lineup if that’s what you want to call it. It’s a great way to get into Avatar’s bigger SPL-type subwoofers. The SST-30xx gives its user a slight jump in power handling over the SST-3xx line at 1200 watts RMS. This subwoofer is the one for those looking to get a little more than the SST-3xx can offer in power handling, be will still perform similarly.

Avatar SVL

The SVL line is where things begin to be a little confusing, but I’ll help you navigate through all of that. There are a couple different options under the SVL models that one can choose from, each offering different characteristics and features. There are the SVL-xxD1/D2 versions and the SVL-xx47 versions. Let’s start by looking at the SVL-xxD1/D2 versions, first. The SVL-xxD1/D2 models feature 4” voice coils and a killer 3000 watts RMS power handling, making them pure beasts in their category. The SVL-xx47 versions also feature a 4” voice coil, but adds a nice little bit in the way of power handling at 3800 watts RMS. The SVL model series is definitely the line for those looking to take over the SPL lanes. 

Avatar Subwoofers STU

The STU series of Avatar subwoofers, in my opinion, runs kind of parallel to the SVL-xxD1/D2 series of subwoofers. This line offers quite the same features and power handling as the SVL, with the exception of the backplate, which does not have the same cooling vent as the SVL. The STU line does feature a stronger, more rigid basket and build design over other subwoofers, allowing it to take abuse that the other can not. 


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